Titusville Patriots – meet every 4th Tue each month

Our regularly scheduled meetings are the 4th Tuesday of each month.  We meet at 6pm at Jalopy’s, 2204 South Washington Avenue, Titusville, FL 32796.

We usually try to have a special speaker, a candidate running for office, a presently serving politician or local businessmen with subjects about the community.

We are also engaging our own “members” (I say members, because we are not organized, don’t charge dues, don’t have rules, except try and be nice) into studying up on various subjects of interest, such as, Agenda 21/Sustainable Development, judiciary, law enforcement, CRA/EDZ’s, etc.

We also have unscheduled meetings at most anytime.  Mainly these are to accomodate candidates and politicians that can’t make it on our specific meeting date.  During the primaries we will probably meet at least once a week so that we can hear as many candidates as possible.

We are a group of Conservatives; we are Republicans, Libertarians, Ex-Democrats, Independents, etc.  that is why we don’t have rules or regulations so that everyone can speak their mind.  Hopefully we will agree to disagree at times and move on.  It is the responsibility of each Patriot to listen and decide for themselves.

If possible, we would like to endorse candidates as a group, not often possible with so many free thinking Patriots.  But that is the goal but surely not a fixed goal.  I think that we have come to the conclusion that it is better to unit and fight then loose good positions in different races.  Last Republican primary we had 13 candidates for US Dist 24 House of Representative.  Meeting only once a month and only 6 months to go  did not give us time to properly vet candidates.  Hopefully this time we can get with candidates early and help them run a good race both with physical help and monetarily.  We are bad about spending money, but we are going to have to spend to win this time.

If you have any suggestions for meetings or events, please drop me a line:

Don Forward  donforw@msn.com or 321 412 6616

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